Magic Underwear

My older daughter is 17.  When her friends are over, I try to steer the conversation away from religion as much as I can. And I try to appear understanding to their faith, even if inside I am disgusted. 

Barb is one of my daughter’s good friends.  Barb was baptized in the Big Popular Baptist Church in our town a few years ago and is trying to walk with the Lord.  Barb has another good friend—let’s call her Gertrude– who is very much defined by her Mormonism.  My daughter and Barb were sitting around the island in our kitchen, gossiping and eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, like all teens do. 

The conversation came around to Gertrude.  All three of them were in a play together at school. My daughter began to relate a story to me about how she had tried to catch a peek at Gertrude during a costume change to see if she wore “magic underwear.” And as all teens also do, the girls began searching the web for pictures.  Short seconds later, the two were bent over the laptop, laughing at renderings on Wikipedia. 

It was Barb, not my daughter, who exclaimed, “How could anyone believe something so stupid?!”

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut.


About Brick Window

A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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2 Responses to Magic Underwear

  1. fribnit says:

    I must have lead a very sheltered life. This is the very first time I have have heard the expression. Gotta say, those are some funky garments.

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