Young Life

My older daughter is a senior.  Apparently, Young Life is growing in popularity in her high school.  At least as a place to see and be seen.  She is broken up with her boyfriend now, but a few weeks ago when they were still together, he wanted her to come over after school.  The relationship was on its last legs, and she declined.  So that night, he went to Young Life instead, knowing she would be annoyed by this.  Notice the sentence above: Young Life is known as a place to see and be seen.  Kids go there to check out the opposite sex.

The story could end right there.   But unfortunately, it doesn’t.  The boyfriend’s mother decided to use this opportunity to unfriend me on Facebook.  Her reason?  I had the audacity to wonder -in print, right there on social media for our tiny little world to see- if there were any Secular Student Alliances in the area.  Because just posting this question, and I quote my simple status, “Are there any Secular Student Alliances in the area?” is a reflection of how I am “antagonistic and hostile toward religion.”

We live in a world of Sacred Cows.  Where just wondering if an alternative to Hormone-Enriched Youth Indoctrination is a heinous act.    Where attending a religious function to pick up babes is considered leverage in teen relationships. Where being out as an atheist is a perfect reason to no longer being Facebook Friends.


About Brick Window

A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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4 Responses to Young Life

  1. fribnit says:

    I guess I am a closeted Atheist. I rarely make much mention of it outside of my small group of fellow atheist friends and I avoid Facebook so I never mention it there. I have quite a few dear and close friends that are devoutly Christian of one flavor or another and I NEVER discuss it with them. I guess I just don’t want the stress it would put on the friendship.

    It is interesting to me that the devout can be openly hostile to Atheists and think there is nothing wrong with that, in fact that they are doing the right thing, but asking about the availability of something secular is considered unacceptably hostile.

  2. Brick Window says:

    I know, this strange and unwarrented hostility is so strange and so upsetting. It’s unfair. It makes me want to fight.

  3. Jay Walker says:

    This is even more insane than the person who was upset about the Dan Barker quote. You would have thought you were asking if there were any Young Nazi groups around. Then again, many people consider atheists below even Nazis. Very sad.

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