Life Manifesto – From the View of an Atheist Parent Part IV

Part I,  Part II and Part III

I FOSTER AN APPRECIATION FOR FOOD     Eating is more than supplying the body with fuel.  It is a ceremony to be shared, and the preparation of food is an art form.   Learn and appreciate the cuisine of other cultures. Eat mindfully and be aware of the chain that supplied your meal.

I UNDERSTAND MY HEALTH IS MY RESPONSIBILITY     Take care of your body.  Balance your calories with your activity level.  Attack weight gain with exercise and understand it’s easier to never put fat on than it is to have to lose it. Eat well and varied, exercise vigorously and always get enough sleep.  Rest when you need to and sweat when you can.  Be comfortable in your skin. Know yourself. Trust science, not salesmen, for treatments for illness.  Realize some activities are not worth the risk to your health and physical well being. Don’t smoke, have unprotected sex, or use dangerous drugs and never drink and drive.

I CONSIDER SEX AS MORE THAN PROCREATION     Sexuality is a gift–first and foremost to yourself .  It is your personal, private responsibility to know yourself. Sharing sex should be a conscious decision and it should be made willingly, happily, respectfully and consensually.

I BELIEVE IN THIS ONE, SINGLE, BRIEF LIFE     Wring out every single second.  Be conscious. Love deeply and live with passion. Experience this life fully, so when the light darkens forever, your last breath comes in peace.


About Brick Window

A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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2 Responses to Life Manifesto – From the View of an Atheist Parent Part IV

  1. Jay Walker says:

    I wish more people understood the simple math that governs trying to maintain a healthy weight: calories in – calories burned = weight change.

    You already know some of my feelings about sex and sexuality. I love that you say “Sharing sex”. People seem to forget that it is a shared activity and and shared responsibility.

    Your last point is the most important of all. People waste so much of their lives avoiding happiness and pleasure because of vague promises of happiness in an afterlife. To me, the true horror of death isn’t that we die, but it is that so many die having never allowed themselves the happiness that could have been theirs because of a belief in a life after this that doesn’t exist.

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