Ask an Atheist Day

I’m having fun with Ask an Atheist Day.  I posted this on my Facebook wall this morning, “Today is National Ask an Atheist Day. If you are so inclined, ask away…”  The idea, as I understand it, is to give people an opportunity to approach atheists and ask them questions in a nonthreatening, debate-free way, especially on college campuses.  I think it’s a great concept.  I can see from the type of questions I am getting that it’s not so much about Christians trying to convert lost souls, as may happen in more typical debate style settings, but about seekers looking for answers. 

I think this venue can be good for people on the fence about atheism.  I had a colleague ask me about how my atheism affects my business.  I know he thinks like I do, for he was told me, but he is not out.  I believe he wants to be. 

Another person said she was scared to read The God Delusion.  Maybe reading the questions I address will push her to consider her beliefs. 

Another asked how my friends and family dealt with my coming out.  And someone else asked what led me to accept the fact there is no god. 

Two were veiled attempts to proselytize.  The good news is those people were called out by others.  So far no Pascal’s Wager, but the day is far from over.

I now follow my daughter’s future home, George Mason University, and their SSA on Twitter.  No tweets that they have a table set up, sadly.  But it is only early afternoon…


About Brick Window

A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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3 Responses to Ask an Atheist Day

  1. prosey says:

    I’ve been meaning to participate in this as someone to ask questions…just haven’t had an opportunity…only just got back from errands and am going to enjoy a tiny bit of “Me Time” before the baby wakes…but later this afternoon, we’ll see how it goes! Kudos to you!!! 😀

  2. Jay Walker says:

    I knew it was Ask An Atheist Day, but I got sidetracked by life. 🙂

    I find the item you mention about the woman is who afraid to read The God Delusion very interesting. That speaks volumes about her state of mind in that she is obviously questioning her faith at some level because if she wasn’t, she’d have no urge at all to read Dawkin’s book. I can contrast that to a Catholic friend of mine who’s knee-jerk reaction is to insist that Dawkins is going straight to hell.

    • Brick Window says:

      Yes, I believe she will end up reading it, and she will be challenged by it. I think it’s pretty great that she is at least admitting she is avoiding it. I thought the whole discussion when rather well. I only had a few shitty remarks, and most of the people, even two I know are real fundies, seemed genuinely interested. It’s a great idea.

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