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Whenever Two or More Are Gathered

I really enjoy my daily runs through my neighborhood.  The trail I take runs along a river, and on days like today, when the temperature is 75, the humidity is low and every rosebush and peony is in bloom, it … Continue reading

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Suffer the Little Fishies

In the midst of our morning routine my younger daughter, H, noticed her goldfish was swimming happily around in his bowl.  She remarked how surprised she was that it was still alive.  A year and a half ago she had … Continue reading

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I’d Seen That Look Before

The way she tilted her head up to gaze into the face of her fiancé repulsed me. Not a very nice sentiment, I realize, but this is the impression I am left with.  I finally met David’s fiancé but I had … Continue reading

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National Day of Delusion

So far the Washington Post (my homepage, daily read -er, skim- and local paper), the blogosphere and Facebook have ignored today as the National Day of Prayer.  But I can’t. This video is without a doubt one of the scariest … Continue reading

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Sun Stand Still, Seriously!

I’d never heard of Steven Furtick until today.  Turns out he’s another soul-patched, all-black-wearing, mega-church pastor schlocking his wares to churches across the country.  And, true to form, some of my Southern Baptist friends are eating it up.  He’s selling … Continue reading

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The Existence of Evil (On Facebook, Anyway)

I have a discussion going on my Facebook page.  What started as an innocent post about my difficulties as a parent explaining the celebratory attitude about the death of Bin Laden became a debate about the existence of Evil. I … Continue reading

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Hey!  Bud at Dead-Logic gave me a shout-out!  That’s me–Mon Mothma.  I guess now I have to watch the Star Wars movies, huh?

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