Sun Stand Still, Seriously!

I’d never heard of Steven Furtick until today.  Turns out he’s another soul-patched, all-black-wearing, mega-church pastor schlocking his wares to churches across the country.  And, true to form, some of my Southern Baptist friends are eating it up. 

He’s selling a kit to “take your church through the journey of discovering a faith that believes for the impossible.” (Bonus children’s curriculum DVD included!) His premise is if we believe hard enough, the sun will defy the laws of nature and stand still, giving us enough time to adequately slaughter our enemies.  The premise of stopping the sun comes from The Old Testament Book of Joshua :

So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. Josh 10:13 NIV

My friend, JoAnn, who is so pumped up about Furtick’s message, thinks there is scientific proof that the sun did stand still for one day.  Of course, she can’t tell me where this proof is, and none of the websites connected to the book I looked at mentioned it. (Nor the fact that, although I am no astronomer, I know that the earth would have had to stand still, not the sun—something I have yet to see mentioned.)  I didn’t read all of Amazon’s has 281 customer reviews, but none of the ones I did mentioned science at all.  Most of them made the book sound like The Secret for Christians.  Pray for BIG STUFF!  God will give it to you!

It’s hilarious how Christians claim one thing in the Old Testament to be absolutely true as written, but as soon as you point out the parts where god smashes children on rocks, or orders a genocide, or tells a king to rape someone else’s wife, well…


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A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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13 Responses to Sun Stand Still, Seriously!

  1. Jay Walker says:

    Yeah, funny that. Actually, not funny at all. I’m going to be posting something that touches on this concept in just a few.

  2. fribnit says:

    The propensity for people to believe the ridiculous and yet reject the provable will never cease to stun and sadden me.

  3. prosey says:

    *wincing* Yes, wonderful. Another opportunist who is getting idiots’ hard-earned money with a crock of shit.

    Funny…the sun doesn’t move (I mean, aside from the flames dancing, of course)…as you said, the earth would have to stand still…and those people don’t bother to stop for ONE MOMENT to ask, “wait, what? the sun revolves around the earth…or the earth around the sun…??”


    • Brick Window says:

      I know! I have scanned as much as I could stomach and not one person has brought this up. Incredible! This guy, I’m afraid he falls more into the catagory of con artist than deluded dimwit. “Wince” is right!

      • Jay Walker says:

        This is a very sad example of how the fundgelicals have gutted science education in this country. They will not just ignore the overwhelming evidence of things like the heliocentric solar system and evolution, they outright deny them because they don’t agree with their 3000 year old fairy tails written by a bunch of Middle Eastern goat herders.

  4. fribnit says:

    Hey it is lonely out in the fields at night and sometimes the goats have headaches so they had to do something to pass the time. Who knew anyone would take the fairy tales seriously?

    Don’t worry good Christian folks, when the earth stops spinning (because folks, the sun don’t move for no one) and the people all fly off because of the inertia effect and the sun makes the side of the earth facing it hotter than the supposed fires of Hades……. GOD WILL SAVE THE RIGHTEOUS!

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  6. judithhb says:

    And what will you give the next charlatan who comes around the corner. one asks. I am constantly amazed at just how gullible the majority of people are. I found you through Fribnit and will continue to read.

  7. Actually, the sun does stand still for a day…have you ever heard of winter…winter solstice…the word solstice mean sun stand still. Happens every year friend.

    • Brick Window says:

      The solstice is the point were the distance is greatest on the ecliptic path the earth takes around the sun. The shortest day in winter and the longest in summer.

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