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Animal Planet was on the television at the vet’s office, and since I had all fifteen pounds of my nervous pup squashed up between my arms and my lap, reading was impossible. So I was forced to watch.  Airing was … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Waiting Awhile

A woman I know posted this on her Facebook. Over 35 children started their walk with Jesus today & the number continues to grow! Pray for all the children who have begun to ask questions about Jesus & what He … Continue reading

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A Whole New World

Here’s a quick and positive story to get the ball rolling. M had her college orientation a few days ago.  Aside from the overwhelming stress of scheduling conflicts between mandatory classes and mandatory practices and the terrible pain of saying … Continue reading

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Connection–Not Just For The Religious

Oh how I have missed my little blogfamily! Prosey, Jay, Fribnit, and BadVerse… You are in my thoughts and I know all of you are alive and well from Facebook (well, not that old duffer Frib) but I miss our … Continue reading

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