I’ll Be Waiting Awhile

A woman I know posted this on her Facebook.

Over 35 children started their walk with Jesus today & the number continues to grow! Pray for all the children who have begun to ask questions about Jesus & what He means to them. Watching those little hands go up this morning gave me a much needed energy boost!! A special Thank You & many prayers for all those crew leaders who spent some special minutes with those kids! You were being lifted up the entire day!!

She is an unordained Children’s Minister at The Big Popular Baptist Church.  It took every ounce of energy for me to not ask, “Just what kind of questions are they asking?  What answers are you giving them?”  I’m doing my very best to stay nice over there, you know.

Two months ago, my best friend told me it was perfectly fine to question the existence of Jesus at her church, because “truth is truth. My church has the answers to these questions.”  Kay, who is intelligent, educated, and rational in every other instance, was shocked when I told her there was very little historic documentation of Jesus and none at all of his great miracles, the supposed ‘proof’ of his divinity. In fact, Roman documentation proves the opposite.  There was no great census, not even a city called Nazareth.

She honestly didn’t know that, and in fact, thought I was dead wrong.  She said there was a vast amount of Roman documentation proving the divinity of Jesus.  I told her to find it for me.  As I said, she is smart; this is hardly a difficult challenge for her. I’m still waiting for her response.


About Brick Window

A mother and an atheist--Just trying to do the best I can in a suburb full of believers.
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6 Responses to I’ll Be Waiting Awhile

  1. fribnit says:

    as with all things related to devinity everything related to Jesus is invention.

    A remarkable PR job that should be taught in Graduate Marketing programs, not Theology.

  2. prosey says:


    That’s when you hand her a copy of The Jesus Mysteries….and walk away slowly.

    That book, by the way, was my springboard out of Christianity. The authors advocate a different brand of Christianity, and move in a gnostic esoteric direction that does not appeal to me either…but it was the book I found when I was hunting for the fine velvet thread that connects ancient and modern religions. *nod* Their research proved pivotal for me personally, as I was not seeking to become a nonbeliever. I was seeking to understand. That book put me on the agnostic path… 🙂

    • Brick Window says:

      Well now I am greatly interested in reading this one! And I am thinking I should do it by an actual print edition, rather than a digital one, so I can share it, eh?…I wonder how it will go over…

      • prosey says:

        It is a seriously interesting book *nod*…and even if I don’t concur with the authors’ direction at the end of the book (or in the subsequent books), I appreciate all the tremendous (and extremely well-cited) research they put into it. It’s worth having a hard-copy of, yes. Definitely.

  3. Jay Walker says:

    They never seem to come back after you ask them for evidence. Of course, faith is valued more than evidence to them anyway.

    I will have to put the book prosey suggested on my wish list!

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