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National Day of Delusion

So far the Washington Post (my homepage, daily read -er, skim- and local paper), the blogosphere and Facebook have ignored today as the National Day of Prayer.  But I can’t. This video is without a doubt one of the scariest … Continue reading

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The Existence of Evil (On Facebook, Anyway)

I have a discussion going on my Facebook page.  What started as an innocent post about my difficulties as a parent explaining the celebratory attitude about the death of Bin Laden became a debate about the existence of Evil. I … Continue reading

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Late On a Sunday Night

I saw the Breaking News Flash on the screen of my computer.  The President was to speak at 10:30 on an undisclosed subject?  What?  It was 10:20 and I saw the light still on in M’s room, so I went … Continue reading

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