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Compassion or Dignity?

“Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others.” I have been chewing on this sentence from my last post. During my stint at the UU church, a lot of energy was spent talking about compassion.  This was a catch-all word, … Continue reading

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A Link to Like

This is the blog of the wife of one of my Facebook friends.  I was introduced to him through a flesh and blood friend who is an outspoken FB atheist.  I have no idea how they met each other, but … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Waiting Awhile

A woman I know posted this on her Facebook. Over 35 children started their walk with Jesus today & the number continues to grow! Pray for all the children who have begun to ask questions about Jesus & what He … Continue reading

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The Existence of Evil (On Facebook, Anyway)

I have a discussion going on my Facebook page.  What started as an innocent post about my difficulties as a parent explaining the celebratory attitude about the death of Bin Laden became a debate about the existence of Evil. I … Continue reading

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Ask an Atheist Day

I’m having fun with Ask an Atheist Day.  I posted this on my Facebook wall this morning, “Today is National Ask an Atheist Day. If you are so inclined, ask away…”  The idea, as I understand it, is to give … Continue reading

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Let’s See the WHOLE Thing, Shall We?

I have at least four Facebook friends who use Christian apps.  One of the more popular ones automatically posts a daily bible verse.  In the three years I’ve been on Facebook, I noticed a lot of repetition in the scripture.  … Continue reading

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As If My Night In the Foxhole Weren’t Enough

Yesterday was an unusually chilly Sunday, but we spent it warming ourselves collectively, the four of us as a family, with a touristy walk and a steaming batch of Husband’s homemade egg noodles and chicken. Later in the evening, I … Continue reading

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