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I’ll Be Waiting Awhile

A woman I know posted this on her Facebook. Over 35 children started their walk with Jesus today & the number continues to grow! Pray for all the children who have begun to ask questions about Jesus & what He … Continue reading

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Whenever Two or More Are Gathered

I really enjoy my daily runs through my neighborhood.  The trail I take runs along a river, and on days like today, when the temperature is 75, the humidity is low and every rosebush and peony is in bloom, it … Continue reading

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Suffer the Little Fishies

In the midst of our morning routine my younger daughter, H, noticed her goldfish was swimming happily around in his bowl.  She remarked how surprised she was that it was still alive.  A year and a half ago she had … Continue reading

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When Mommy Knew Everything

The first seven years of our marriage religion was a nonissue.  We were newlyweds, then new parents and we came from families where religion wasn’t important.  We were busy, and we never gave it a second thought. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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So Maybe I’m Hypocritical

I know this may sound hypocritical after posting yesterday my distaste for childhood indoctrination, but I feel I need to do a better job preparing my children to defend their (our?) opinions.  M is taking AP Environmental Science.  The class was … Continue reading

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Indoctrination Effectiveness Scale

Indoctrination has been on my mind this weekend.  Three situations came up, and if you’re keeping score, you should be pleased that my overall score for Indoctrination Effectiveness is at zero.  …it is a telling fact that, the world over, … Continue reading

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I creep.  I admit it.  Isn’t it a sign of good parenting?  Kids put shit out there. Do they really expect we aren’t going to read it?  I visit my daughter, M’s, Twitter daily, which is fine—she follows me, too.  Her … Continue reading

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