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Asking For It

Sunday there was an interesting segment on 60 minutes.  Entitled “The Case of Beckett Brennan,” the story was about a gang rape that occurred on the campus of the University of the Pacific. The television was on in my bedroom. … Continue reading

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Just Say No

I haven’t written much about my younger daughter.  H is thirteen and in eighth grade.  She finds herself in the throes of hormonal rage nearly daily.  It’s quite fun.  (Do I need to point out this is sarcasm?) This morning … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby, Part II

Before I begin, I would like to point out the link my new cyberfriend, Prosey, posted in the comments of yesterday’s post.  I love this story because it’s 100% true.  Read on and you will see an reaffirmation of her … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby, Part I

This topic has been occupying a lot of my mind lately, and not just because I am human and have instinctual impulses. No, my thoughts on the subject of sex have been more intellectual than physical. They come out of … Continue reading

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